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FLEX £2.50pw subscription Mobility & flexibility facebook

FLEX £2.50pw subscription Mobility & flexibility facebook


Are your hips tight

Is your lower back stiff


Are you sitting too much during the day?

Are you desk bound for more than 4 hours?

Sitting at a screen for long periods of time.

Feel like your body is ceasing up? Do you want to do an upbeat fun stretch mobility flexibility class?

I have the perfect class and it’s for all ability’s . Don’t worry if you haven’t done any exercise for a while and starting from scratch. I’ll guide you and help you. These will be fun classes everyone will be able to do online.

This group is different to my other online group as it is not pilates based. Workouts will be in shorter chunks so that you can do them in the morning quickly to get you going or whilst having a break at work. You can do them wherever you are whenever you feel you need to move but don’t have a hour to focus on a pilates or yoga class of mine.

There will be live classes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9am. There will be lives at random times which you will get to know about in the group. The great thing is that they will all be saved in the group for you to use as a member.

The FLEX price subscription is only £2.50 per week and is only bookable on my website. Those who are Gold or platinum members already it’s half price.

Price Options
FLEX Mobility
subscribe weekly
£2.50every week until canceled
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