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Spine care pilates is a group session using modified pilates exercises that are suitable for those with back problems.

it is a low level class aiming to help you do things you want to do in everyday life pain free.

We focus on stability, mobility, strength and flexibility all whikst working in sympton free ranges of movement.

This class can also be for those who want a more low level workout compared to a normal pilates class which can be quite tough. Although in our other pilates classes alternatives and adaptions are given. Just dont choose the one called "harder pilates'. Thats a toughie!!!

Classes run in blocks of 6 weeks

Tuesdays 11am holy trinity church Whaley Bridge. £54

Thursdays 12noon Low Leighton methodist church. New Mills. £50

Thursdays 6.30pm Disley Methodist church £50

Get in touch to find the next starting date of courses.

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